1. How to play Way to Sun?

Way to Sun is free-to-play mobile puzzle game. We want our gospel that this adventure is quite simple to play. You will find a clever way to get the ball to the sun avoiding the obstacles (some times using too!). We know that this is child’s play for you, but we are confident too. In the meantime, let’s give you the hint that you can determine your target better by holding down while playing.

2. I'm out of lives, what can i do?

We did our best not to interrupt the fun of the game and put a free ad option in the store to refill free lives. Also you can always try to open Gift Boxes! When you click it, all your lives will be filled with a short ads. You will also find that we offer nice options that you can buy as you wish.

3. How many levels does way to sun has?

Way to Sun has hundreds of unique and fun puzzles and we are trying hard to design new levels, obstacles and challenges. We'll add new levels in every updates. You can follow us from our social media accounts for stay connected.

4. Do i have to collect all 3 stars in every level to pass?

Complete level with 3 Stars are actually quite fun and challenging but you don’t have to collect them all. Reaching the Sun with only 1 star is enough to pass any levels! And don’t worry, you can always get back later to any level using map and try to get all 3 stars. Way to Sun has hundreds of fun puzzle, so have fun!

5. I can't pass the levels. How can i continue?

We know you can solve those puzzles. Please believe in yourself and don’t give up. Way to Sun has hundereds of unique puzzles and we designed every level beatable while collecting 3 stars. To pass each level, you must reach the Sun by collecting at least one star. If you need help to pass any level, you can always use “Hint Power-ups” on the top left corner before making your first move.

6. How can i buy gold?

Best way to earn Golds in Way to Sun is beating the levels. When you complete the levels, you'll earn the Gold calculated with stars collected. More stars means more Golds you’ll take! Also you can earn Golds from almost everywhere. When you hit the gold UI at the top of the game, you will see the market place, that’s the place where you can find Gold packages and the ads. Moreover you can earn Golds from Gift Boxes, Daily Missions, Reward Chests, completing achievements, Daily Spinners etc.

7. What is hint power-ups and how can i buy them?

Hint Power-ups shows you the way to get 3 stars. You can only use them before your first move! But, feel free to use Hint Power-ups when you stuck in levels. You can access the Hint Power-ups in every level. You can take them from the market place. Also you can find free Hint Power-ups from the Gift Boxes, Reward Chests, Daily Earnings.

8. What is promo code? How can i get one?

Promo Codes gives game currencies, gold's, Hint Power-ups etc for free! You can always check our social media accounts for new codes! We'll be announced when new promo codes are available on our social medias! Side Note: Promo Codes are time based! So a little hurry can be always helpful to check our social medias & use the codes!

9. Can i play way to sun offline?

Yes! We didn’t want you to be dependent on the internet everywhere and we made it possible for you to play offline.

10. I finished all the levels. When will new levels come?

We are very happy that you like the game so much. Do not think that you have finished the game, dozens of brand new levels are coming. We’ll regularly update Way to Sun. We’ll continue this adventure without slowing down.

11. I want to design a level myself, is that possible?

We were touched that you wanted to contribute to the adventure. Even with pen and paper, you can draw the part you want to design and send it to e-mail address. We would be honored to both put the part you designed into the game and share it if you allow us to be a partner in the adventure from our accounts.

12. I deleted way to sun from my phone and re-install it. How can i continue where i left off?

We would like to point out that as much as we are glad that you restored it, we were also saddened to delete Way to Sun. It's amazing puzzle game at the end! However, if you delete Way to Sun, we cannot continue our relationship from where we left off. We are not normally this emotional. We will resolve this issue shortly with new updates! For now, please don't delete Way to Sun if you really like to play!

13. Can i play on the same progression using two different devices?

We were overjoyed to hear that he wanted to play anywhere. But each progression is specific (for now of course! We’re trying hard to make this happen) to the device being played. But remember that playing this adventure over and over will never bore you.

14. I switched the operation system. How can i restore my progress on the other device?

First of all, we hope that your new device will bring you happy memories. But for now, Way to Sun is working device specificly. For this reason, unfortunately your progress will be lost if you make any device changes for now! But we are trying to solve this issue. Stay in touch for new updates!

15. Why am i getting a connection error?

We were quite surprised to hear about such an error. There may be a weakness in your internet connection. Our recommendation is to close your connection and open it again. But if you think that this error come from us, please reach us at

16. The application freezes and/or crashes completely. What should i do?

We did everything we could to avoid such errors. However, if you have experienced such a thing despite everything, you should close the Way to Sun and the other applications running in the background as the first option. In case it doesn’t improve, you should try turning your device off and on completely. But we think you solved everything with option one. And lastly, don’t forget to reach us on, we’ll check as soon as possible!

17. I get an error in the game and can not play. What can i do?

We are sorry to hear that. First we ask you to restart your device and try that way. You can reach us at for anything you need help with. You can be sure that we will do our best. We want to be with you on this adventure.

18. Does way to sun collect my personal data?

No, we don’t collect or store or even ask any of your personal data in the Way to Sun. For more information you can always check our Privacy Policy & Terms of Use.

19. I have ideas/suggestions can i contact you?

Absolutely! Your ideas, suggestions or your opinions are highly valued to us. You can forward them to us at