Overcome obstacles and reach the sun, collect stars in space adventure. Get ready for a brand new puzzle experience!

Way to Sun is a brand new puzzle game where you set your target by tapping and reach the target by shooting. With its simple and easy-to-play structure, you will not leave your job to chance. Use your wits to solve free-to-play puzzles and showcase your achievements.

Way to Sun takes the puzzle experience to the next level by offering dozens of creative chapters. Moreover, he is always with you while solving puzzles. It adds to the fun with hints, rewards, events, bonuses and surprise chests.

Way to Sun takes skill to master the space puzzle game. You can show your skills by earning badges. What you need to do to earn each badge is waiting for you in your profile.

Also, do not forget to read the messages to be informed about all innovations. Follow the communities and stay with us always. There are many puzzles to solve in the exclusive space adventure.

Let's take a closer look at Way to Sun now.

Its story continues to hide its mystery among puzzle games. Will the adventurers chasing an object seen in space be able to solve this mystery?

This is where your help is needed. Are you ready to solve the puzzles by taking your place in the adventure in space? Moreover, we will always be by your side in the Way to Sun adventure. So how?

If you are confused by the obstacles in front of you, use hint and continue your space adventure.

Tap, aim, and shoot to solve Way to Sun puzzles. It's all that easy. Simple to play, but never leave anything to chance. Use your intelligence and overcome all difficulties. You will have fun with the puzzle game that is free to play.

Now it's time to solve the puzzles!

So, let's take a closer look at Way to Sun, shall we?

Way to Sun is free-to-play mobile puzzle game. We want our gospel that this adventure is quite simple to play. You will find a clever way to get the ball to the sun avoiding the obstacles (some times using too!). We know that this is child’s play for you, but we are confident too. In the meantime, let’s give you the hint that you can determine your target better by holding down while playing.

Way to Sun has hundreds of unique and fun puzzles and we are trying hard to design new levels, obstacles and challenges. We'll add new levels in every updates. You can follow us from our social media accounts for stay connected.

Complete level with 3 Stars are actually quite fun and challenging but you don’t have to collect them all. Reaching the Sun with only 1 star is enough to pass any levels! And don’t worry, you can always get back later to any level using map and try to get all 3 stars. Way to Sun has hundreds of fun puzzle, so have fun!

Best way to earn Golds in Way to Sun is beating the levels. When you complete the levels, you'll earn the Gold calculated with stars collected. More stars means more Golds you’ll take! Also you can earn Golds from almost everywhere. When you hit the gold UI at the top of the game, you will see the market place, that’s the place where you can find Gold packages and the ads. Moreover you can earn Golds from Gift Boxes, Daily Missions, Reward Chests, completing achievements, Daily Spinners etc.

Play Way to Sun to catch the fun and solve the best puzzles!